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Updated July 30, 2021
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A Safe Plan to Reopen Cayman

Since our borders closed, many Caymanians and their businesses are struggling to survive. By reopening slowly and safely, we can retain the freedoms we enjoy while lifting the burden on many livelihoods and protecting our economy’s future. We can do so by learning from our island neighbors who have successfully reopened.

We’ve kept Cayman healthy, but the time has come to safely reopen our Islands.

Caymanian businesses need a plan to reopen for their survival.

Vaccination is strongly recommended for the safety of our community.

This site was created to keep you informed on our progress, provide news and information.

Join us as we move our plan forward to open our islands safely.


Real-Life Stories of COVID’s Cayman Impact

"I can’t keep paying the operational costs of my business with no prospect of tourism returning.”

- Juliet Cumber-Forget

Owner, Cayman Villas

Learn more about Juliet’s story

"A Safe Plan to Reopen Cayman is critical to helping us retain our current team and hire
more Caymanian staff.”

- John Hazard

General Manager, Marriott Resort

Learn more about John’s story

"Our people are losing hope. They are struggling to survive and it seems there's no end in sight..."

- Matthew Adam

Co-owner, Cayman Safari Adventures

Learn more about Matthew's story

What Caymanians are Saying

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