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What We Stand For

We stand for the healthy and safe reopening of the Cayman Islands to stayover visitors. Our vision is to help us move our economy forward and restore the lives and livelihoods of those devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Who We Are

We are a group of Caymanian business leaders and concerned citizens. We’ve navigated the events of 2020, just like you, and place the health and safety of our community first. We see a pathway forward that opens our islands slowly, methodically and safely. Our vision lies in getting Caymanians back to work, getting Cayman businesses operating again and welcoming visitors back to our slice of paradise. We are led by Dr. Michael Tibbetts, a physician, multi-generational Caymanian and managing director of the Clearly Cayman Resorts and Reef Divers and Mr. Kel Thompson, a Cayman Airways pilot, multi-generational Caymanian and developer of the Wyndham Reef Resort. Kel and Michael are motivated by a desire to help the many Caymanians who are struggling but have not had their voices heard in these challenging times.

Dr. Michael Tibbetts

Director, Clearly Cayman Resorts and Reef Divers

Kel Thompson

Director, Thompson Resorts & Century 21 Cayman

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