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What We Stand For

Co-existing with the virus is key to move forward as a community. As our borders are now open, we are ready for local businesses to thrive again, to welcome back visitors and to reconnect with loved ones overseas.


Who We Are

Reopen Cayman is a group of Caymanian business leaders representing industries across the private sector.

As a country, we have adapted our behaviours and actions in response to the fluid situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud of what our government and wider community have achieved over the last 20 months.

Globally, we have moved past the initial uncertainty presented by COVID-19.

As our borders have reopened, we embrace the new normal with the rest of the world. We have learned lessons from those beyond our borders, equipping us well to take the next steps.

While co-existing with the virus will vary from person to person, we are confident that collectively we can do this.

Mark Anthony, Burger King and Popeyes
James Bergstrom, Ogier
Kris Bergstrom, Edgewater Group
James Bovell, RE/MAX
Dale Crighton, Crighton Properties Ltd.
Marcus Cumber, Lobster Pot
Woody Foster, Foster’s Supermarket
Kim Lund, RE/MAX
Randy Merren, Hurley’s
Sophie Miles, Milestone Properties
Paul Pearson, Davenport Development
Gary Rutty
Michael Tibbetts, Clearly Cayman
Kel Thompson, Century 21
Ken Thompson, Island Taste
Mark VanDevelde, Dart

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