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Chinese, Indian vaccines added to Cayman’s approved vaccine list

Chinese vaccines Sinopharm, Sinovac and the Serum Institute of India version ‘Covishield’ have now been added to Cayman’s approved COVID-19 vaccine list paving the way for a wider scope of visitors to return to these shores.

The new expanded list of vaccines comes as Cayman draws closer to government’s planned reopening of borders next week on 20 Nov. The updated list of approved vaccine courses, which also now includes Janssen COVID-19 vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) (single dose) was publicized through a government notice gazetted on Wednesday. The changes to the list were made under section 2 of the Immigration (Transition) Act (2021 Revision) and section 2 of the Customs and Border Control Act (2021 Revision) (SL 75 of 2021) Supplement No. 1. Cabinet, acting on the advice of the Medical Officer of Health, issued the expanded list. All approved vaccine courses will still require a vaccination certificate for entry into the Cayman Islands.The Cayman Compass reached out to the Ministry of Health for further information on the expanded list, we are awaiting a response.

On Thursday government updated its FAQ vaccination page to reflect the newly added approved vaccines and affirmed that mixed vaccines, “two doses of vaccines approved for use by the Chief Medical Officer in the Cayman Islands (Astrazeneca, Moderna and/or Pfizer/BioNTech) — are acceptable when travelling to the Cayman Islands”.

According to the FAQs the Cayman Islands Ministry of Health & Wellness, in partnership with the Computer Services Department, has developed technological solutions to enable the scanning of QR codes to securely verify vaccination records from some issuers in North America, European Union, and others.
QR codes are electronic data, similar to a barcode, which can be displayed on a smart phone or by presenting a physical paper copy, which allows visitors to enter Cayman once approved by Travel Cayman.
The new approved vaccine list includes;
 Janssen COVID-19 vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) (single dose);
 Moderna COVID-19 vaccine (two doses);
 Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (two doses);
 European Version;
 SK Bio Version;
 Serum Institute of India version ‘Covishield’;
 Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine (two doses);
 Sinopharm (two doses); and
 Sinovac (two doses)

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