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Gov’t releases details on travel procedures after border reopening

Gov’t clarifies who must still quarantine; announces screening test schedule for vaccinated travellers

Government late Friday night released details on travel protocols after 20 Nov., when the Cayman Islands shifts to phase 4 of its reopening plan that allows for many travellers to arrive in Cayman without having to quarantine.

The most anticipated change dealt with quarantine periods.

Following 20 Nov, the following groups of travellers will no longer be required to quarantine after arriving in the Cayman Islands:


While travellers who fall into those categories will no longer need to quarantine, they will be required to take three lateral flow screening tests following arrival, on day two, day five and day 10.

Those allowed to arrive in Cayman who fall outside those categories will still need to quarantine for the following lengths of time:

Government also clarified who can travel to the Cayman Islands:

Many of the current protocols appear to be carried over into phase 4, including pre-arrival PCR testing, exit testing requirements for those in quarantine, GPS tracking for those quarantining in a private residence who are age 10 and older and and pre-travel approval from Travel Cayman.

Click here for more details on the reopening plan.

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