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As a part of the phased re-opening plan of our borders, The Cayman Islands Government has approved new testing methods to be added to our national protocols, to assist with the screening of COVID-19 in the community. This additional testing will be done through antigen-detecting rapid diagnostic or lateral flow tests (“LFTs”).

LFTs should not replace laboratory based molecular or polymerase chain reaction (“PCR”) testing, which provides the most accurate results for clinical diagnostic detection, but will successfully assist in quickly identifying positive cases, which means we can lower the impact of isolation of close contacts.

COVID-19 spreads rapidly, and can cause severe strain on healthcare systems and societal disruption. The use of LFTs assists in protecting our healthcare systems, and our community through quick identification via a more scalable and accessible option that does not create additional strain on the healthcare system.

The following guidance documents are available for specific sectors or settings:

Guidance for Deployment of Lateral Flow Tests in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Centres and Schools in the Cayman Islands. Click here.

The following guidance documents for specific sectors or settings will be announced, and placed on this page:

Guidance for Tourism
Guidance for Care Homes
Guidance for Prisons and Detention Centres
Guidance for Large Events
Guidance for Gyms and Indoor Exercise Facilities

Click here to download the National Policy.

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