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The Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation shares their perspective.

There are so many reasons why safely reopening our borders is essential. The team at the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation have shared their perspective.

“At the Breast Cancer Foundation, we are desperate for the borders to be open and for ‘normal’ life to resume. At present, we already have 300 diagnosed persons needing our services, and our fundraising efforts continue to be impacted with our borders closed.

Unfortunately, many of these people do not have the insurance cover for their screening mammograms. Early Detection is key – we need to have the capability to raise funds to offer financial support.

We find ourselves in an impossible position with patients seeking care off island. In most cases, carers are unable to accompany them overseas, and it’s followed by a long quarantine alone. It makes an extremely difficult situation even worse for the patient seeking treatment.

For those Stage Four ladies who were in specialist treatment trials beyond our borders, the pandemic has seen their treatments come to an abrupt halt.
Many reconstruction surgeries have also not been possible. We’re finding ourselves in a truly helpless situation. We need to work together towards a safe reopening of our borders. We need care to resume.”

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